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This website is intended for Healthcare Professionals

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Publication to practice

The latest publications, provided with practical advice

Publication to Practice helps you stay abreast of the latest publications in your speciality.

These 30-minute presentations can be listened to at any time, and on any device. Sessions begin with a succinct synopsis of the publication and discussion of its impact on practice; next, a local expert of your choice will provide practical advice on how to optimise treatment in your clinical setting.

Going beyond a simple summary, these sessions provide specific guidance on how the latest data can be applied in your clinical setting, and the impact it can have on your patients.

Publication to practice

Classroom to clinic

Design and run interactive meetings with your team

The ideal solution for busy HCPs who prefer to learn in small groups, and lack the time to plan lessons or attend large educational meetings. Using a library of educational resources, you can create and deliver effective, CME-accredited education that is tailored to the needs of your audience.

Design and run interactive meetings with your team


Listen to expert interviews

In this bi-weekly podcast, leading experts discuss game-changing topics in clinical oncology, to help you to keep your practice up to date. Each 15-minute episode begins with a summary of recently published literature, followed by an interview with an expert in the field on how this can apply to clinical practice.

Listen here or find the podcast in all major apps.

Design and run interactive meetings with your team